Top 4 Coastal Towns to Visit in Britain

There are many locations around Britain worth visiting, but few of them are coastal towns that carry amazing charm and beauty:


This most western town in Cornwall can turn out to be a long way away, but it will be worth every little bit of your journey. The mild and pleasant climate will make it an ideal place for a lot of beach time for a good natural tan. It is quickly becoming one of the most important hubs of culture around the Cornish coast. You will be able to see the beautiful architecture around the area, as well as art galleries and stunning beaches you can enjoy. These elements are what works on making visitors want to visit and stay a while. June is a really good time to visit Penzance, as it is festival time at the beginning of the month.


This is where the sailing events happened back in 2012 and the Olympics, but the town has a whole lot more to offer than that. The main beach is clean and safe, which is a great place to enjoy for families wishing to spend more time in the sun. You have a really good selection of pubs in the area, as well as sites to explore and restaurants to have good meals in, such as the Pavilion Theatre, Portland Bill Lighthouse, Portland Castle and more. Weymouth is also located on the Jurassic Coast, it is a well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can take safaris in the area and around the rugged areas of the coastline, as well as scenic views and ancient architecture.


A great, old-fashioned holiday town by the sea that offers a lot of fun for young kids and families alike, it will be a wonderful addition to your list of places to visit. There is a seal sanctuary that makes it a good location to learn more about bird and marine life around the UK for kids. The wildlife hospital has been taking care of injured animals ever since the 70s, maintaining a high release rate. They release the seals once they are well enough to live on their own. There is also a nice and long, sandy beach you can enjoy for making castles or taking a dip.


This is one of the best things about Norfolk, as its Blue Flag beach is one of the biggest draws for people who want to take a holiday at the seaside. Cromer has an elegant style with Victorian architecture, something that gives it a surreal and time warping feeling, especially to those not living in the UK. You can also enjoy the beautiful architecture of the local Parish Church that dominates the skyline with its 160 metre tall tower.