Best ways in reducing marine rubbish and debris

We as human owe our lives to the industrial revolution. However, as we try to survive Mother Nature have become the primary victim due to reckless human behaviours.

As the population grows, the marine ecosystem experience lot of pressure leading to high population cases as seen most coast urban cities. Most of the pollution come from sewage waste, toxic industrial affluent, land runoff, oil spillage among many other anthropogenic associated pollutions. However, there is a remedy to the situation.

Here are some of the top mitigation and adaptation measures against marine pollution.

Reduce your rubbish

80 percent of the marine rubbish originates from the inland. If you reduce the garbage, the result will be tremendous. Start by recycling your plastic cans, papers, glass and other non-biodegradable items and be careful when you choose rubbish removal company.

Join community beach cleanups

Such activities are fun and at the same time, you save marine life. It could be your family, friend or individuals; any effort will make a difference. The best time for clean-up includes holidays as many people will be willing to join.

Take care of your local stream

Any water source or way, be it stream or river, is part of the drainage system. If you don’t pollute the system, the water which ends up in the oceans will be safe.

Give a hand to organisation aiming to protect the ocean

You can either offer financial support or volunteering to work free in their marine protection project. If it takes a demonstration to keep the marine ecosystem safe, take a banner and make sure the world hear your cry.

Travel the ocean responsively

As you have fun in your voyage, please don’t throw rubbish into the ocean.

Keep in mind that it’s only we humans who can undo the marine destruction that we have caused. Take the initiative.