Best Tourist Destinations in the UK

There are many locations worth visiting around the UK, but the truth is you will have a limited chance to see all of them in one go. We will point out the most memorable ones out there:

Windsor Castle

Located easily around an hour to the west of London, the castle is often called the largest and oldest inhabited castle remaining in the world. It is one of the residences of the Queen who spends weekends there, using it for private entertainment and state. The earliest of surviving buildings at Windsor date back all the way to Henry II and his reign from 1154. Much of the castle, as well as the State Departments and the St Georges Chapel can also be visited as part of a tour.

Big Ben

One of the symbols of Great Britain, the 150 year old clock tower is one of the top attractions of London and for a good reason. The name Big Ben doesn’t really refer to the clock tower, but it does to the 13 ton bell within it, named after Sir Benjamin Hall. It’s the 3rd largest clock tower in the world. The clock is the symbol of London and England and for a good reason – it is one of the most memorable buildings in the world.


On top of the tourist attractions in England, Stonehendge happens to be to be one of the most important prehistoric locations around the world. It was made by a culture that has left us no written records so many of the aspects of its construction and meaning have been lost to history. Evidence still indicates that the larger stones were erected around 2500 BC. It is currently not known what purpose Stonehendge served, but a lot of scholars believe it was religious or ceremonial in nature.